utaite notebook/diary?!

PromiseKun / YUME YUKANO

10th uurrgh 2018

utaite resources,discord & facebook groups


utaite guild <inactive admins>

utaite trash

high school light music club - Utaite & VOCALOID  <im admin> 7 members


youtaite inn. <there are many good utaites here >///< ; this GC consists of animator,mixers,vocalists>

HighSchool Light Music Squad|Utaite & VOCALOID <i'm the admin> around only 17 members

utaite trash <shield-chan / aka silica-chan manages it>

google plus community 


HighSchool Light Music Squad|Utaite & VOCALOID


utaite statics

utaite tweets' translations

chorus battle

utaite wikia bot

@mikkun4 :he illustrates for itou kashitarou;amatsuki & other utaites

another utaite/vocaloid PV artist who created the character design for Flower V4 and Lii-Eat RPG games 

Japanese Content

googled 'how to become utaite' in Japanese


utaite meme animator : LeamonMuffinSeed

After The Rain/soramafu cover song animations

Flaming June 2012

If anyone find any utaite related link,pls lemme know. 

I think I might have hurt others  and have  been a bother to them even I didn't mean to and spammed a lot here. I behaved childishly on biribiri-chan's kamiboku thread .I said admin might  delete it or something in improper way.


<content in above is utaite related>

<the content below is non official; admins can/might delete it>

not famous or New utaite list


mio minako

ambo/keromin <admin youtaite wikia>













and I have another one created for selfish reasons ;but later minako joined & biribiri-chan asked me to create her a page < promisekun.wikia >

mirror utaite wikia;not related to BLUEBIRD's english utaite.wikia: 

i thought about creating a utaite database of noobs and new utaites<because there are many utaites and they cant create a page because they can't meet  youtaites and utaite.wikia's requirements 

. . . there arent much wikias





UTAU Utaites can create UTAU voice bank using OREMO<English beta> 

Utaite memes so far


voice memes

couple memes


meme lord FUKASE 


there're lot of soramafu fanfictions in wattpad and even BL hentais.

Unknown Part of utaite or anime fandom

indie rpg game dreaming mary's OP <utaite usachii-chan> is awesome

pls play charon's RPG games 

my experience with utaite

I have mixed emotional feelings toward utaite fandom.

I saw in dream that mafumafu is a girl ;would often see many dreams of collabing with amatsuki and mafumafu. 


I like to sing Japanese songs a lot,i often dreamt bout becoming famous utaite;still working on it but  I have fun collabing with ppl in smule.


i created a YT channel on 7th January 2017; I wanted to do it sooner but couldnt. I got introduced to utaite fandom around 2014. Keromin/ambo's melancholy was one of the 1st utaite covers I have heard. I was googling pon pon pon ,baka baka,pomf pomf at those time.

But I  was familiar with covering anime songs <and would often listen to JubyPhonic and rachie> before knowin  jpn utaite.

why i didnt  knwo about utaite b4


i am not good enough in english; also I like to write in half-sleepy state and dont give much thinkings. <i think i often hurt many ppl through miswriting or misunderstanding >

i xant thnk anythin more

<admin-san pls let me know if this article is spampous or not related>

not arranged or written in a proper way;full of mistakes

i am ded ; busy with college exams and university admission test preparations

fwa : c 

I think somethin is missin ;but can't recall ; I have browsed so many different types of utaite and anime contents.

oh, pls read the light novel hakumari;Utsuro no zero maria or something.

read manga peep hole; manhwa death field or player

and listen to these kashi / singers 

kami-sama I have noticed <kamiboku> - jpn band vocalist is "somebody somewhere" he's vocal and singing style is almost similar to Mafumafu. Mafumafu in his tweet said that he isn't involved with this band.

guitarist is has similar tune to Neru's musics.[said by ppl in web]

< the name Mafumafu and Neru is used for showing similarity ; I didn't said that mafu and neru are involved >

itokwashi -itou kashiterou X lefty-monster P dou ;is awesome I didnt know about this and their songs b4;why tf...  

black cover OP

FlamingJune2012 - awesom animated songs 

i dont  kno bout other things; so here somethin from J-pop <anyway utaites are better>

kenshi yonezu-Loser,orion,peace sign



hoshino gen

FUKASE - his old songs are best; but new songs e.g. SOS or Hey ho are horrible

watch these animes and listen to the OPs or EDs

<must watch these animes !>

puzzule-welcome to NHK

guilty crown OPs ; ED

daisy-stereo dive /anime: beyond the boundary

yamada-kun seven witches OP-waver 

steins gate OP

death note

sword art online OP; <sao : alternative OP >

your name ; radwimps

code geass

mirai nikki

must watch- OUSAMA KING

check myanimelist ; i'm lazy


replicant- shoohey


play visual novel Doki Doki Lit. club

other facts

u can live in japanese cyber cafe

my college or schools dont have physical activities like swimming or game  like on japanese high schools

unknown part of youtube is amazing but I forgot about those contents

I browsed ,and watched more than 2000 utaite songs last year and downloaded 1000 utaite or other songs; but unfortunately that HDD and new HDD  of this year<which had around 700 utaite songs and other illustrations> got desu-troyed.

I got new 320 GB hard disk this month;I need to batch download ama and mafu YT songs so that I can listen offline.

ok,how did ama and mafu survived from sore thraot after taking so many home made ice-creams with syrups 

Amatsuki's old albums were awesome ; new third album is good but it's nothing compared to his old works,He creates also music now

VOCALOID producers

itou kashitarou


best hit of FUKASE V4 album - ALICE,the day I become a monster, ...

creator of  -universe,journey to the central of the earth,

can I write about hentai?

Manga dounjinshi artists



... whdaf

i also wanted to write from my anime storylines notebook >///<

i dont where to post these ...

i have sore throat so i am spending time in writing these;

i will write my story plots soon and light novel later;

i already completed one of my goals- created an UTAU voice bank ;

goals left: cover a song properly ; write visual or light novel ; make anime and manga <i dont kno how to work for it> ; becum a jpn idol? ; creaare a TM -time machine(whdaf ,is it even possbile?! )

i' m too tierd to fix my misspelling s and grammar 

  cretd this stupid meme yesteday

reddit has important anime content/topics

i have like 10,000+ karmas < /user/promisekun > posting stupid animemes and mangas








suzumu copied mafumafu's works

hazuki no yuki's channel got taken down; <JubyPhonic and rachie posted tweets against him or somethin>

sad news

amatuski\s doraemon movie OP hoshino gen cover got taken down

itou kashitaro is inactive;minako told me he has surgeries

i think i might get banned after posting it.


11th auugrhh... 2018

| PromiseKun


...I dont know if u read this stupid rticle to the end ;let me know if u did ,I will be glad to hear out if u also hv suggestions or links 

i hv an at2020 mic now

i am putting this in wikia so that u can edit or improve it by yourself <becaue I am ded ghost in online>

god,how long am I going to continue this sh!...

next time I will be writing the novel

self illustrations

i got into drawing after watching animes ;


u can find romanji script online I;m tired today can't write munch.

i did a JVA wasnt good enough