He often suffers from sore throat and during this time his voice become girly and younger.

I am Promise. I am an aspiring voice actor and singer. I like to fantasize and write short stories based on Anime. In future, I will work on light and visual novels.

I have a wide vocal range. As a result,I often suffer from sore throat and also I have a habit of shouting frequently. I like to sing and produce unique tunes. I feel nervous whenever I sing in public.

I have written many story plots. I draw manga a lot. I don't have any graphics tablet though. I often experiment with different posture,cloths & designs in animating.

I compete on Math & Physics Olympiad. I hate studying irrelevant topics. I excel in Badminton. LOL

Everyday Lives Edit

Whenever I wake up and found myself sleeping in the table which had bundles of Maths book. I can't remember what happened before I slept. I open the window and inhale fresh air. I wash up my face. I looked at myself in mirror. I am wearing a black vest in white shirt. I take a bread with jams and take myself to my study table and throw my face in a problem solving book. Time passes,it becomes dark. I didn't notice. Suddenly my surroundings started to getting blurred.I wake up and find myself by the window of a room in the corner of river. I can't remember anything about my past or dream. And now it's twilight happened (kata-wori doki). It's a lonely and peaceful place. I take a coffee and start to continue writing/reading the novel. I can't find anyone in this world. A cold breeze is blowing which is freshening my mind. I fall asleep while writing the story. I wake up. I was sleeping while resting my head in the control pad. I am in space.There is none in the space shuttle. Although there's a space suits with name plate written with Japanese kanji, I couldn't read it. I can see the Earth from far away. Everything around me are getting brighter.I can't see anything...