1. Use the playlist infobox to list all groups you are a member of or have been a member of, as well as your role in the group.

1.Separate each affiliation using a hashtag

Chara AppearanceEdit

If you have a chara (character) that represents you in collaboration art, or draw yourself as a profile picture, put a description of that character here. You may also hint at the differences and similarities between your true appearance and your chara to create a little guessing game for people.

Covered SongsEdit

  1. Use the playlist infobox to list all covers you have done. If it features other smutaites and they have a page on this Wikia, link to them by putting their name in brackets. (ex. Aohō-chii )

1. Separate each cover using a hashtag


  • Any important or fun fact information goes here
  • Use a bullet point for each one


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