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Mio Minako (美桜 美奈子) is an utaite, youtaite, smutaite and vocalist with smooth, strong, and high and cute voice. She's an aspiring singer, voice cast, illustrator & violinist.

She can sing in high pitch as seen in her "Hatsune Miku-High Range Test", "Ghost Rule" in Sing! Smule cover and 感弩≠Reduction in Nico Nico Douga.

She trying to make a lower voice, as can be seen in her cover "Matryoshka". She also trying to sing in high and cute voice in "Renai Circulation" [1] [2].

She mostly cover her song with her sreaming with much passion, giving her nickname AkiakaNew (秋赤ニーウ).

However, as seen in her cover of "Koi wo Shita no Wa" in her Sing! Smule account, she is able to sing with a mellower, beautiful vibrato and smoother voice, though without losing any of her passion. She also shows that her vocal sounds very soft and emotional in her cover "glow" in Nico Nico Douga.

She also illustrate her own original character based on anime Your Lie in April or her own idea, or she will draw based on other reference such as Akiakane's drawing and other sources. She started to draw since her childhood and started to draw in digital art since she borrowed her sister's tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab Note. She participated in a contest organized by Clip Paint Studio.

List of Covered Song Edit

  • Sing! Smule:
  1. Ring of Fortune - Eri Sasaki (TV Size) with ihiochan
  2. i) Orange- 7!! (TV Size) with KazehayaKuroii) Hikaru Nara - Goose House + 22 singers
  3. Courage- Haruka Tomatsu (TV Size) with Khendo_88
  4. Hikaru Nara- Goose House (TV Size) with Ray_fukuru
  5. Orange (Violin Cover)- 7!! (TV Size) with AfifKazuto
  6. Renai Circulation - Kana Hanazawa with Minoriyama_77
  7. i) The Hero- JAM Project with Seozora

ii) Courage - Haruka Tomatsu (TV Size)

iii) Ignite - Eir Aoi (TV Size)

  1. Unravel - TK from Ling Tosile Sigure (TV Size) with Light_13
  2. Startear - Luna Haruna (TV Size) with Ri_ST
  3. Burst the Gravity - Altima (TV Size) with soulariummm
  4. Brave Heart (Digimon Adventure OST) with KaiSerZ_Xie
  5. Koi wo Shita no wa - Aiko (Short) with AFIQXDANIAL
  6. Just Communication rock ver - Two-Mix with Revrie
  7. Nanairo Symphony - Coalamode (TV Size) with aditiaalestari
  8. i) Orange - 7!! (TV Size) [Violin Cover] with Rii_Chan2112

ii) Nanairo Symphony - Coalamode (TV Size) [Guitar Cover]

  • Nico Nico Douga:
  1. Rolling Girl Rolling Rock ver. 【Rolling Guitar MIX】with 6 singers (2018.10.05) [3]
  2. 感弩≠Reduction (2018.24.08) [4]
  3. Michishirube - Short - with Yuyu (2018.28.09) [5]
  4. glow (2019.05.01) [6]

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects Edit

  1. Yume no Uta (夢の歌) with PromiseKun [Official]

Trivia Edit

  • Her singing style was inspired by Akiakane, an utaite and also as popular Japanese illustrator. She also a huge fan of her and still used to listen to her song until today although Akiakane unexpectedly stopped from singing.
  • She stated that Akikane inspired her more to learn to draw in digital art after watching her drawing in her Twitter and Pixiv account. She used Instagram as a place to post her artwork.
  • Her avatar, Mio Minako was also inspired by Akiakane. She drew her character based on Akiakane's old offical character (ex: She drew her character as Wasp and Akiakane's original was Dragonfly, and a quite similar goggle).
  • Her avatar also inspired by Matoi Ryuko from anime Kill La Kill for hair color and the star sticker on the left cheek was inspired by Harutora Tsuchimikado from anime Tokyo Ravens.
  • The new nickname of Mio Minako, amasing (アマシングー) was accidentally saw someone misspelled in Akiakane's cover in YouTube. It could be meaning a combination words of 'amazing' and 'sing'.
  • She got a nickname, AkiakaNew (秋赤ニーウ) when she misspelled Akiakane's name. It could be meaning a combination words of 'Akiakane' and 'New'; she will be an incarnation of Akiakane's singing spirit, and another person that would make a screaming and hitting a very high notes on her cover.
  • Her highest vocal range is A6-B6 and she can make a 'whistle voice', while her lowest voice is D3.
  • Yet her normal voice is deep, she can't sing in lowest or even on her normal voice.
  • She's looking up to utaite Akiakane, Yuaru, Hanatan, Reol, Shano and Rib.
  • She loves composition of producer 40mp, Neru, Hachi (Kenshi Yonezu), Yuyoyupe, niki, Powapowa-P, Pinnochio-P, Omoi, Giga-P and DECO*27.
  • She stated that her voice is sometimes sound raspy when singing, but then her utaite and youtaite friends denied the statement.
  • She also a friend of Akiakane's former staff.